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Irma Plumed.jpeg

Irma Plumed

Project Manager

Dr Miquel Rovira.jpg

GP. Miguel Rovira

General Practitioner


Katalyn Massany.jpeg

Katalin Massany

Plan Designer

Cook Maker


Giampiero Silvestri

Personal Trainer


Oriel Álvarez

Personal Trainer

We put at your disposal a great team of professionals willing to help you achieve your goals.

They will design your personalized plan from the first moment and will be available for you for anything you may need.

Nutrition, training, personal advice and coaching experts, our team is your great ally in this journey.

If you need to contact us to solve any question or if you need further information, you can phone us or you can fill up the form bellow explaining the reason for your inquiry. 


We will get in contact with you as soon as possible.



Thank you for your message!

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